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The "Iron Ladies Self Defense Program" was developed by Sifu Karl Adhihetty in the early 1980's as a response to a number of attacks on women riding the Toronto Transit System.

Recognizing that Women require a different approach than their Male counterparts, Sifu Adhihetty put together a series of self defense techniques that every women would be able to apply effectively with a minimal amount of training and strength.

While training in a full martial arts curriculum is still highly recommended, this course will provide all women with the Basic skills they require for effective Self Defense.

Many of the techniques taught in this program are not covered in the unisex martial arts programs at most gyms. This course is intended to fill a gap in overall self defense training for women.

This program is designed as a 4 Week Seminar series. It is repeated every 2 months. We recommend that after the inital program is completed, students return for refresher courses once or twice per year to ensure that the techniques and mindset that were acquired in the initial program are reinforced. Refresher courses are offered at a 25% Discount.

Introduction, 5 principles of Self Defense, How not to be targeted, How to use your body as a weapon for Self Defense, What are the target areas on an attacker, Basic striking techniques and target striking.

How to avoid being thrown to the ground, Defending yourself from the ground, Striking your attacker from the ground, Getting up from the ground, Pressure points and nerve strikes.

Defending yourself against assaults from the front, Basic Blocking Methods, Basic defensive attacks to the front,

Defending yourself against assaults from behind including defense against bear hugs, arm, wrist, and shoulder grabs, Headlocks.

Defending yourself against attacks from the side, hair pull defense, using common objects as weapons of self defense.

Review content of all previous sessions including scenario enactments and practice.

All the equipment you require to develop confidence in the techniques you have learned!
2 Heavy Bags
24 ft mirror wall
Padded training floor, throwing mats

Our "Iron Ladies Self Defense Program" runs Saturdays from 10 AM to 11 AM.

Next Session start date is Saturday, March 4/17 and runs 4 consecutive Saturdays to and including March 25, 2017.

  *Registrants may attend Beginner Kung Fu  
   and Kickboxing and Ladies BootyBlast classes  for the duration of 
   the course!

Maximum class size is 20 people so enroll soon to reserve your spot!

Our Self Defense course is available to private groups. Please email us for details
Course Fee:   $175 + 13% HST = $197.75
2016 Course Schedule
4 Week Course

Saturday, 10 am - 11 am
Sept.24 - Oct.15/16
Oct.22 - Nov.12/ 16
Nov.19 - Dec.10/16

Saturday, 5 pm - 6 pm
Nov.26 - Dec.17/16

2017 Course Schedule
4 Week Course

Saturday, 10 am - 11 am
Jan. 8 - Jan.29/17
Feb. 4  - Feb.25/17
Mar.4 - Mar.25/17
Apr.1 - Apr.22/17
Apr.29 - May.20/17

Saturday, 5 pm - 6 pm
Jan. 8 - Jan.29/17
Feb. 4  - Feb.25/17
Mar.4 - Mar.25/17
Apr.1 - Apr.22/17
Apr.29 - May.20/17